• We're no longer here.

    As of September 2019, Refacilitate has ceased operations. However, our Founders are still deeply involved in the international service design community. Read on to learn more.

    A special thanks to everyone that's worked with us. Thank you for stopping by!

  • What's next for the Founders?

    Elina Zheleva, Design Thinking Facilitator

    Managing Director, Launch Labs

    Elina Zheleva has become Managing Director of Launchlabs Sofia, a studio for business innovation and organizational transformation. They offer project facilitation, hands-on trainings and contemporary organizational transformation consultancy.

    Mark Etem Design Thinking Facilitator

    Business Design Lead, Fjord

    Mark Etem has joined Fjord's New York studio as a Business Design Lead. Fjord is a design and innovation consultancy offering design-led strategy, service design and product design services.

  • Stay in touch.

    Even though we've moved on, we'd still love to hear from you.